Altered Beast Turns 36

Altered Beast arrived at the peak of the arcade era, a time when the experience transcended just playing games. Describing it to those who weren't there is difficult – the closest term in today's world is "immersion." The flashing lights, the blaring sounds, the camaraderie with friends – it was a multi-sensory experience fueled by a handful of quarters (a privilege sadly lost in the 90s).

But there's another underappreciated aspect: the generational leap between home and arcade. In 1988, most gamers were at home with their Nintendos. Then you'd walk into the arcade and encounter Altered Beast – a visual spectacle that felt like playing a PS7 today. Imagine having access to games two generations ahead of their time, all within reach at the mall, for just a few bucks. That's the magic that arcades offered.

Happy Birthday, Altered Beast. Art, Design, Colors... you look wonderful.