Random Help: Kingdom Come, Ginger in a Pickle

It's been, what, five years since Kingdom Come Deliverance came out and I'm on my third or so playthrough and only now am I finally digesting the branching stories enough to follow it. It's okay, the game works perfectly fine if you aren't 100% remembering what the hell you are doing all the time.

That said...

There is one "mission" early on in the game called "Ginger in a Pickle" that taxes you as a player beyond belief if you don't work through it correctly (and quickly). It can be a game breaker in that if you don't do it "right." Literally, the game keeps going but it shuts down the main questline. It's a pox on an otherwise magnificent experience. 

Follow these instructions and your quality of life with this game as it goes will be much improved.


Once you venture off from Neuhoff stables to further investigate the crime there...

1. Only talk to the Spokesperson at each Charcol burner camp.

2. Don't go wandering around.

3. Do each camp as ordered by the spokesperson at each camp.

4. Talk to the bandits in the woods, then go get Capt Bernard in Neuhoff to kill them.

5. Go back to talk to the spokesperson. 

6. Ginger's "A" maker shows up, talk to him. 


This quest works a sort of training lesson on how the open world works but I've gotten caught "doing it wrong" a couple times. The quest is not worth following the brothers or waiting all night to kill the bandits by themselves or accidentally running in to more bandits looking for Ginger.

I feel as though there will be a lot of new players jumping into this game for the 1st time with the sequel coming out. I want more games like this - sooo I'm leaving a breadcrumb.

Enjoy the game! I hope to have a review of it soon.