G.I. Joe Attic Find

Clearing out the attic and found a treasure trove of old G.I. Joe's that belonged to my brother and me. Here they are glistening in the sun before new rubber bands were put in them.

It almost looks like the sunlight is some sort of powerful blast.

Items like this are little treasures from the past. I have no idea what I will do with them besides repair them a bit. They won't be sold.

I'll add a couple more photos below. Thanks for finding this blog. It's meant to be a safe, ad-free, and honest place to share thoughts. It exists for no other reasons than those. Why? This form has been lost to time and I believe it can be fruitful islands in the pirana-infested seas of Discord, Reddit, and X.

Questions, comments, want a middle-aged man who spent 20 years in warehouses (+ a 7-year-old that tags along) to play your game and write/talk about it reasonably? ljbaby654@gmail.com