Starfield - It's a no from the get go

Bethesda has been around long enough to have its own mood. Engaging stories, satisfying gameplay, surprises, emersion (oh, the emersion), lots of junk, and of course quirky glitches that you don't mind. 

When you have Fallout and Skyrim on your resume it normally translates into a first week purchase. Not this time as I am waving the white flag on the gigantic build-up to "normal people" buying this game. Why do I quote "normal people?" It's because Microsoft and Bethesda have carefully curated (milked) every drop of fandom this developer has by offering early access and freebies to seemingly every person with video capability and/or an extra $300 in their account to buy in.

The game is everywhere. Popping open YouTube and you'll see news about some person spending 7 hours flying to Pluto. Another account, 5 videos deep on extended playthroughs. Just thinking about reading or watching those is exhausting. And this is trying to avoid news.

On top of this approach, we know of a good old-fashioned social/political controversy over topics that I am beyond exhausted with.

What all this has done is turn a once excited week one customer (me) into one that might get around to it later on down the road when every video game conversation isn't about this game. I suppose that's just good old oversaturation, but it is what it is. 

I don't want my playthrough to have a little dark cloud above my head that rains on me every time I think about WHAT to think about the game. 

Why take the time to say I won't be doing something? Bethesda games are fun. Maybe in this little hourlong thought process I figured I'd hype myself up to pick it up.

But it didn't happen. 

I'll wait until the circus leaves town. Or just wait a decade (sigh) for the next Fallout/Skyrim/Oblivion type of experience.