Outbreak Day - Soap!

Our Passion Flower Therapy Bar is officially available.

Inspired by the memorable Last of Us "start screen," this soap is made with the plant that grows outside of my window and looks very similar in the same light.

This is a soap made from the Passiflora plant. Often called a Passion Flower or Maypop plant. This plant is known for its unique purple flowers and ability to climb to our shop roof in the spring and summer.

It is a plant native to North America and has a long history of use as a traditional medicine by Native Americans. The dried leaves from the plant are known to be used in a tea that can be used at night before bed to calm nerves. Some claim it can “turn off” thoughts that often like to jump into our heads before bed.

Nature's Common Scents has been making soap for 21 years in the Northern Virginia area. 

The Passion Flower Therapy Bar is made with plants. Ingredients: Olive Oil infused Passiflora, Coconut, Soy, and Hemp Oils. Sweetgrass and Currant fragrance oils. 

We believe that soaps have a job to do so we don't "pretty them up," which in the soap world means "trim." We just leave it all there. As far as the soap itself, it weighs about 6 oz and measures 4x2x2" inches.

If you are interested, order HERE.

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