Video, Playing Around

Messing around with video over the last couple days. You can find a YT account with this blog name (@happytownapplesauce) there.


This short clip with no audio highlights CJ, Smoke, Ryder, and Sweet as they pull up to the motel. Although brief, it showcases what works exceptionally well with this game, visually. Games, even now, have a hard time with little scenes like this. You get time, setting, and story - all within 30 seconds using in-game engine graphics and artwork. It could be called minimalist by 2023 visual standards but it does a lot of things better. Camera placement, basic character movements, the "LA sky." It only gives you what you need - and it works.


This is a video short to test using AV (Red, Yellow, White) Cables with VIDBOX connected to a Windows PC. It's blurry, but it's probably about what it looked like in 2002 on a CRT.