My Last of Us Window

Gazing out my window today and it hit me that one of my windows looks like the famous title screen from "Last of US." Anyone who played that game during the PS3 era is very familiar with it as there was no "suspended play" type of options. You had to load in and see it every time. I kind of liked that approach in that it really set the tone before you got started. That's a little thing we are missing now.

Not sure about the plant used in the game image but it does look like one of my Passion Flower (Passiflora incarnata) plants. Some might know it as a "maypop." It does bear fruit that got a seedy, slimy inside with a potent flavor.

I don't use it in any products at Nature's Common Scents (yet), but may one day. They say it's calming. For me and my family, it cools the house. Speaking of cool, it's native to my part of the world.