GTA: Little Things, Right

To continue with my mini-Rockstar kick, I picked up the original GTA for the PlayStation recently. I am looking at this game with virgin eyes, so to speak because I don't recall playing it. Certainly not on the PlayStation.

I'm struck with just how much it looks like a music album of the time. You've got the "parental advisory," a logo that looks more at home scribbled on a notebook cover, and the obvious Beastie Boys influence on the cover (Pauls Boutique) and the inside (from the Root Down EP).

Part of that is likely because of the design tech at the time. Early Photoshop, yes, but this design looks more like a QuarkXPress 3 or 4. Anyway, things and knowledge that is mostly lost to time.

GTA got this part completely right. The game itself is so loose and fun, but on its own, it isn't anything outrageously special like what it has become now. Easy to see this early artwork helped make part of that happen.