Fable: Then-Now

With the new trailer for "Fable 4" bouncing around out there, I thought it'd be fun to revisit the original Fable on the Xbox Series X. I'll have more thoughts on this game in the near future but just wanted to post up a sloppy shot of what the game looks like now (on Series X, Fable Anniversary, HDR TV) and what it looked like then (on the Original Xbox using a modern HDMI transfer on a 720p flatscreen).

It is quite the improvement in terms of look, but there is something about the "feel" to the game on the Original Xbox. Hard to explain. The colors are different (less vibrant now). Maybe the now one will grow on me. I'm about 5 hrs in.

Sorry about the real-world shots. I suppose I should use screenshots but I haven't put any time into rigging up a way to do it with my old consoles. Regardless, this gives you a sense of the differences.