Sega Master System Setup

My drive to collect games rises and falls like the tide (as does my interest in playing "retro" games). That said, I thought I'd share my current setup for my Sega Master System and Sega Genesis.

1. The TV is a Zenith Sentry 2 with buttons on the bottom. I'm not able to find the exact model online for age but I think it's likely mid to late 80s so it fits right in with...

2. Sega Master System Model 3010 - in excellent shape.

3. Cabinet is a "This End Up" period-appropriate piece that's been in our family since the 80s.

One day I'd like to sort out the TV because the picture is a little too period-specific (some snow), but they are becoming much harder to find as thrift stores are starting to just dump them. When I worked for a large chain in Columbus, OH around 2015-2017 there were mountains of them. Now? I can't find any in Northern VA. When I asked a Goodwill employee about them they said it was their policy to trash them and not put them out. 

Playing games as they were made at the time of their release is getting more difficult, as things of this nature tend to be. That said, it's important to me to play them as they were.