More LA Noire

I'm still working my way through LA Noire for the first time in about 8 years and enjoying it more than I remember. Definitely not something I expected now that we've seen so much over the last 12 years since this game as been released. What this tells me is that a tight and focused experience like this one can reach the same heights as games made today.

What I like about the environment above is the way this game works in a subtle way. The lighting here is perfect "L.A." without overdoing it.

The one below is an example of how incredibly done the interiors are. The LA Museum, Art Gallery, a metal factory, a soup canning manufacturing facility... just amazing.

I'm not even sure I've seen much to match the feeling of being in a building in this game with the exception of maybe the Last of Us and Kingdom Come: Deliverance in recent years. A sense of "place" is so important in gaming. It's not to say that walking around the interiors of Cyberpunk or The Witcher takes away from the game but breezing through those in a "game-y" way felt no different than running around the streets (or forests).

I'm living in this game at the moment, but I should have a review of it soon. From this game, I'm going to jump forward to either Star Wars Jedi Survivor or the new Zelda.